Virginia AHDI joins AHDI-NEMA

Below is the letter that recently went out to VAHDI members after their vote regarding whether to join AHDI-NEMA:

Dear VA AHDI Member:

As you know, 3 weeks ago a ballot was sent to you regarding whether or not Virginia should join the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic regional association (AHDI-NEMA), thereby dissolving VAHDI.

I am pleased to report that the measure passed with a >80% majority vote! The AHDI-NEMA Board has been notified, and per Patty Barrett, CMT, AHDI-NEMA President, they are very pleased with the outcome and welcome Virginia members into the regional.   They are looking forward to including Virginia members on their Board and committees as well as enhancing Virginia member opportunities, experiences and benefits as a result of the merger.

The question of how to handle VAHDI’s treasury and assets was also on the ballot. ¬†Members voted to donate funds and assets to AHDI-NEMA following an audit of the books and finalizing all outstanding debts.

For those of you who exercised your right to vote, thank you!   Stay tuned as information comes out to you from AHDI-NEMA in the near future.

Diane Warth, CMT, AHDI-F, RHIT

2010-2011 VA Delegate

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