Vermont Questions

“As we all know, Hurricane Irene hit Vermont hard, with a huge amount of damage, flooding, destruction of roads and bridge, businesses literally floating away, and personal hardships.  Our AHDI-NEMA colleagues share stories of their hospital facilities up and running but with workarounds such as Porta-Potties for employees and alternate access roads.  Thankfully, we are told that the airport and the Burlington area are fine so the AHDI-NEMA conference is still on.  Let’s show our support by bringing our financial support to this area with our presence at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center, our support at businesses during our travel, and our appreciation of the AHDI-NEMA team and conference speakers who continue to offer their time and talent to us even during their time of suffering.  We can make a difference in this state’s recovery, as well as our AHDI-NEMA colleagues, through a seemingly small action as our presence.” 

Patty Barrett, CMT, AHDI-F

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