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As many of you may or may not understand ,the work that we do as Medical Language specialist revolves around us “Working Together for Patient Safety.” This is going to be the theme this year that AHDI and local chapters will be broadcasting for 2012.

This year, the NEMA board would like to participate and become more involved with the Advocacy agenda that AHDI is expanding.  AHDI has been proactive in advocating for years now the critical value and contributory role of the healthcare documentation sector. This has included interest in the Patient Health story, Electronic Medical Record Adoption, Health Information Exchange, Privacy and Security, Workforce Development and Value of the Healthcare Documentation Knowledge Worker.

You may ask yourself, “Where do I fit in with this.” The answer is… NEMA needs your help.  We are looking for individuals who can help monitor critical Web sites for updates to EHR Initiatives, Regional Healthcare Extension Centers, Healthcare Reform, etc. We are also interested in tracking each of the Congressional leaders in our chapter’s various states to see what their position is on the areas that affect our industry.  Some other ideas that have been raised have been to actually meet with our Legislative Leaders while in your hometown and personally express the concern for our industry and how they can help.

NEMA is in the process of defining the structure of “Advocacy” for its members. We are at this point calling for anyone who might be interested in helping.  We really hope to obtain someone from each state to help. If you are interested please contact Beth Stampone at 404-725-2597 or Once we have a list of interested members we will communicate again the structure chosen and what this committee will be doing to help advocate our cause to the appropriate leaders.

Thanks for your help in moving forward with this initiative!

Beth Stampone, RHIT




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