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November Webinar


Leveraging Linked In for Research & Networking

11/28/17 @ 4 PM Eastern

CEC:  1 PD

Speaker:  Mike Miller, VP of Client Services, Dolbey


Description: Whether you are managing a business or your own career, there are many tools out there that can assist in the relationships and networking that you build and preserve.  As the adopted standard of career and business networking, Linked-In has become an invaluable tool to those that know how to use it. Attendees of this presentation will leave with the concepts and principals of “how it works” and “what it can do”; in addition to a list of short steps they can take in order to quickly benefit from it.  Topics covered include:

  • Client/Prospect/Career Research
  • Lifetime Contact Manager
  • Social Media Outlet for your Business or profession
  • Hiring Tool

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP:  11/26/17 @ 5 PM

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March 2017 Webinar

Date and Time:   Thursday, March 30, 2017, at 4:00 pm eastern

Title:  Emotional Aromatherapy

Speaker:  Amy Ponzoo, RN

CEC:   1 Complementary Medicine

$10 AHDI member/ $20 Non-member


Description: Participants will learn about the medicinal and emotional benefits of using essential oils:

  1. How essential oils are used to balance  emotions.
  2. The 10 best oils for emotional balance.
  3. Application methods and aromatherapy.
  4. The chemical makeup of the emotional aromatherapy oils.

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February Webinar



February 28, 2017, 12 PM Eastern


Speaker:  Claudia Tessier, RHIA, MEd

CEC:  1 PD

AHDI Member $10; Non-member $20

DESCRIPTION: The webinar will explore the history and future of healthcare documentation:

  • What are the goals of healthcare documentation?
  • How has healthcare documentation evolved to date?
  • Who and what have influenced it, both positively and negatively?
  • What factors will influence its future?
  • What is the future of healthcare documentation and its impact on the medical transcription profession?

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Price of Quality Presentation

For those of you who were present for the Price of Quality webinar and for anyone else interested in seeing what material was covered, we have posted Dale Kivi’s presentation on the webinar page.