Fundraising is an important initiative of our nonprofit organization. Fundraising helps provide us the opportunity to further our organization’s objectives, i.e., such as providing webinar support for online educational meetings, website development, membership initiatives, interaction with legislators, as well as additional organizational support for our members, etc.  As we have formed the AHDI-NEMA Regional, we have identified several fundraisers that we would appreciate support from our members:

1)             Schwan’s Cares – AHDI-NEMA is partnering with Schwan’s Cares Home Services to raise funds for our educational opportunities.  Schwan’s Home Deliver offers over 350 delicious foods, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and conveniently delivered to your door through  You can also order by calling 1-855-870-7208.

Starting October 29, 2016, through December 13, 2016, AHDI-NEMA will earn 20% on purchases and 40% on eGift card sales.

  • Visit
  • Enter our Campaign ID 29887 into the search box located in the upper right hand corner and click open campaign.
  • Select the “Team Members” tab toward top of page and then click “Become a Team Member.”
  • Click “Join Fundraising Team.”  If you already have an account, log in; otherwise, create an account.
  • You can then place your order and also invite your friends and family to support this fundraiser through the “Manage” tab.

After this introduction period, AHDI-NEMA will earn 5% on all orders through March 13, 2017.

2)              Thirty-One Gifts – Click on the link below to start your holiday shopping.  AHDI-NEMA will earn 10% of all sales.

Thirty-One Gifts AHDI-NEMA Fundraiser

3)             eBay Fundraiser – Every time someone clicks on the eBay link from the NEMA website, that drives traffic to eBay, NEMA earns a percentage of the revenue generated from that traffic.

Click here to go to eBay

4)           AHDI Online Store Purchase – Purchase one of the following items at and use the code AHDINEMA at checkout and AHDI-NEMA will receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Now your purchases in the AHDI Online Store can actually help support AHDI-NEMA!

The Book of Style for Medical Transcription 3rd Edition, RMT and CMT Exam Guide and CMT Exam Audio CDs, CMT Prep Quizzes Volumes 1,2 & 3, or Compliance & Operations Best Practicces Guide for Healthcare Documentation Practitioners.

5)           Amazon & Amazon Gift Cards – This is another great opportunity to save time and travel expense as well as help AHDI-NEMA.   The commission that we receive on each purchase is up to15%.


To take advantage of this opportunity and to help our organization, click on the Amazon link on the Home page of this website and go from there!  You must go through this website in order for us to receive a commission.

6)           Newsletter ads – each quarter, we send out a notice to vendors of the opportunity to advertise in our newsletter.  If you know of a vendor that would be interested in being a part of our quarterly newsletter, please contact

7)            Recycling Fundraiser – Visit for all the details, including what can and cannot be recycled.  To print out the shipping label from the website, click on Shipping from the recycling website and enter the following information in the appropriate fields on the form:

Diane Warth
167 Wagon Wheel Lane
Mifflintown, PA  17059